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Our ethos is driven by our belief that mediation provides the parties to a dispute (of whatever nature)  with the best opportunity to facilitate a settlement, fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and factoring in the risks and costs of proceeding with the case to trial.


Our aim is to provide a platform and the opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement at mediation without the expense, delay, risk and anxiety of leaving your fate to be decided by a court or tribunal.


Our approachable and friendly staff are experienced in providing mediation services and will go that "extra mile" to organise the mediation to provide the platform to achieve that settlement


Our Approach is to facilitate a settlement based on

• Voluntary attendance of the parties

• Impartiality

• All discussions being confidential to enable a party to discuss anything with the      mediator

• Listening and understanding

• Encouraging and facilitating open and honest dialogue between the parties

• Allowing those difficult issues to be aired and strong feelings vented

• Not evaluating the strengths of the parties cases and being judgemental

• Helping the parties to understand different points of view and to adapt to new ways of working

• To think laterally

• Focusing on finding a solution that is acceptable to both parties

• Finding a solution that works and that is not just applying  a "sticking plaster" to a difficult problem


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Mediate North Limited

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