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Commercial mediation can be used to resolve a variety of disputes, ranging from property, corporate, partnership, Intellectual property, or contracts. Any dispute is suitable.

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Commercial Mediation


A conflict in reality is a difficulty or a difference that causes disagreement between individuals and/or groups.  It is an inevitable part of working life and has always been there in the workplace.  

If conflicts are not resolved it can have a serious impact on the business and can lead to low moral, under performance or disruption of communication.


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Workplace Mediation

"Team Mediation" is the process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between a number of people in order to clarify the issues between them and to encourage them to come up with mutually beneficial solutions and agreements that will improve their working relationship in the future.


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Team Mediation

Disputes of any nature are stressful, and family disputes are no exception. Divorces and separations present many contentious aspects, such a property, finances and children.


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Family Mediation

It is widely recognised that mediation is ideally suited to resolve a partnership dispute as the partners are all commercial people and the intervention of an independent mediator will facilitate a settlement.. Find out more

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